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C&W Environmental Consulting is available to assist you with a broad range of occupational and environmental health issues. In 2004 we have added two FLIR Thermal Imaging Infared cameras to provide greater accuracy for moisture detection during water intrusion incidents. To date, over 2000 projects have been completed spanning contemporary concerns as listed below.

  • Asbestos Investigation, Specification Development, and Project Management
  • Asbestos OSHA Awareness Training
  • Lead Investigation
  • Mold Investigation, Protocol Development, and Project Management
  • Sewage Spill Investigations, Protocol Development, and Project Management
  • Phase I Site Assessment
  • Indoor Air Quality Investigation
  • Respiratory Protection Training and Program
  • Air and Noise Monitoring Program
  • Methane Detection
  • Arsenic Air Monitoring
  • Pesticide Contamination Investigation

C&W Environmental Consulting provides consultation services on a time and material basis. This includes, and is not limited to, fieldwork, reports, and sample collection for analysis. Rush analysis for samples collected are available if/when it is found necessary.